While Covid concern has waned, excess deaths remain stubbornly high in countries that employed the mRNA vaccines

Bruce DowbigginThis just in: “Long Covid is really mask-induced exhaustion-syndrome … In the absence of strong empirical evidence of effectiveness, mask-wearing should not be mandated let alone enforced by law,” according to a study by Frontiers In Public Health.

The study also shows that masks likely lead to increased heart rate, blood pressure, blood CO2 levels, breathing difficulties, lowered blood oxygenation and more.

You remember masks – the Maginot Line against viruses. Not wearing them on a beach could get you fined $500 in 2020-22. If your friendly CBC, NBC or PBS news anchor hasn’t dropped this mask-induced exhaustion-syndrome pearl the way they did the daily inflated PCR results, don’t be shocked. After rushing false positives to a terrorized nation for three years, the government wind therapists have now gone to ground to protect their reputations.

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So when president-for-life Joe Biden ended the U.S. Covid emergency this week with a single-sentence declaration, it was studiously soft-pedalled by the Media Party. What? Free to move about the nation? Canadians who spurned the threats of ex-communication over vaccines can once again head across the American border to see Herbert Hoover’s birthplace.

For the same reasons the mask memo is slow to make its way around the office, you probably haven’t heard that – while Covid concern itself has waned – excess deaths remain stubbornly high in countries that employed the mRNA vaccines. Those who’ve had every shot and booster known to man are still dying of Covid.

In those large parts of the world – say Africa, India – that didn’t use their population as guinea pigs for spike proteins, the virus replicated its traditional two spikes of death and then disappeared. This decline could be due to many factors, but one factor we can absolutely discount for the disappearance is mRNA vaccines. The ones touted by our leadership class as the secret bullet to end the dying. The ones the Western world has swallowed whole. They didn’t use them.

You also won’t hear from your Good Morning Toronto or Wake Up Vancouver meat puppet the truly disturbing thought that, while not curing or even curtailing Covid, the mRNAs shoved down your throat are having all sorts of side effects that, according to Health Canada, range from myocarditis to pericarditis to Bells Palsy to blood clots. (I know, I survived a sudden pulmonary embolism after my second jab.)

Health Canada says it’s “a very small chance that there will be a serious side effect”. But even as they dissemble about side effects, they also can’t prove that these conditions are not related to elevated deaths. There just wasn’t time to properly test the mRNA vaccines. So sorry. If only we knew …

Speaking of which, Covid researcher and critic Alex Berenson notes a widely read 2016 paper that stated: “… the tolerance for side effects is very low for a drug that is injected into healthy individuals … In other words, mRNAs shouldn’t be used in large numbers of healthy people before we gain years of experience with them in cancer patients, who have far shorter life expectancies and a much higher tolerance for risk as they pursue cures.

When regulators approve drugs, they do so on the basis that those drugs are safe and effective. The first word is ‘safe.’ Not effective, safe. First, do no harm. But in 2020 drug companies, scientists, regulators, and the government tossed that maxim aside.”

The result? According to Michael Senger, who has been researching the influence of the Chinese Communist Party on the world’s response to COVID-19 since March 2020, “Lockdowns reversed decades of progress in education, human rights, and the global war on poverty in an instant, for absolutely no benefit, without a peep from the supposed human rights community, all out of sycophancy to billionaires too corrupt to question data from China.”

After threatening you, locking you inside your house or getting you fired from work, the media geniuses can’t bring themselves to say we screwed up. While even Dr. Anthony Fauci now admits that he pumped the gas a bit too firmly on masks, the networks and news organizations are too preoccupied chasing stories about Dylan Mulvaney or Trump’s indictment to get around to apologizing for biting so hard on the story.

The truth is, misleading people about the Covid lockdown, subsequent vaccine regimes and their side effects was a dare. How could anyone possibly disagree with the expert class on good faith grounds? There was no other reasonable position beside theirs. Their hearts are pure. Your mind was bent.

To disagree with the impeccable Dr. Fauci, Teresa Tam, Justin Trudeau, and the WHO was to declare yourself mentally unstable. So skeptics like the Great Barrington Declaration who proposed alternative narratives for Covid’s lethality needed to be institutionalized in gulags (see: Australia), welded into their apartment (China) or dismissed from society (Canada/USA). Or, like tennis star Novak Djokovic, left to wander the globe as a pariah, an example to mere mortals of what happens when you question Science.

This episode was a crisis of authority for an elite scientific, cultural and political class so insecure it had to literally destroy all dissent. They were so sure of their traditional entitlements and cultural superiority that they could not envision even a sliver of doubt coming true. And when concessions were warranted, they shifted the argument to Donald Trump.

From Dr. Fauci to the fools on SNL or the smug laptop class at the Toronto Star, they closed ranks around a lie to bolster their importance. You paid. They skated. That’s one truth you can’t mask.

Bruce Dowbiggin is the editor of Not The Public Broadcaster. A two-time winner of the Gemini Award as Canada’s top television sports broadcaster, he’s a regular contributor to Sirius XM Canada Talks Ch. 167. Inexact Science: The Six Most Compelling Draft Years In NHL History, his new book with his son Evan, was voted the eighth best professional hockey book by bookauthority.org. His 2004 book Money Players was voted seventh best.

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