Trust in mainstream media and journalistic integrity is dropping, which may explain the rise in alternative news sources

Gerry ChidiacTrust in the mainstream media is declining, and for good reason. Rather than relying on the media solely for factual information about global events, people now use them to confirm their existing viewpoints and interpretations of those same events.

The decline in trust has led to a rise in alternative news sources online. However, many of these sources have obvious biases, prioritizing their own viewpoints over factual reporting. Ideally, journalists and media organizations should prioritize uncovering and sharing the truth with the public. Sadly, this is rarely the case.

The prevailing distrust of the media is concerning as it deprives citizens of essential context. For instance, while we may encounter truly horrific content on platforms like TikTok, we often lack an understanding of why such events are occurring.

As a columnist, my goal is to inspire open and honest dialogue. To accomplish this goal, I require sources that are truthful. However, this has become increasingly difficult following the horrific Hamas attacks in Israel on Oct. 7 and the subsequent deadly violence in Gaza.

Finding reliable news sources in a post-truth world

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As events unfold in the current crisis, I consistently find myself turning to one alternative news source: The Grayzone. Its main contributors, Max Blumenthal and Aaron Maté, provide insightful coverage. Blumenthal, an American Jew whose father served in the administration of former U.S. President Bill Clinton, and Maté, a Canadian Jew and the son of Holocaust survivor Gabor Maté, offer perspectives beyond the Israel/Palestine conflict. Maté is perhaps best known for his reporting on the war in Syria, for which he was honoured with the Serena Shim Award for Uncompromised Integrity in Journalism.

The Grayzone defies categorization as left or right-wing, and its only “spin” is its dedication to uncovering and reporting the truth. Blumenthal and Maté are frequent guests on former Fox News analyst Andrew Napolitano’s online program Judging Freedom. Napolitano’s program is extraordinary because all his guests are extraordinary. These include former American military officers, most notably Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson – who served in the State Department under Colin Powell – and Colonel Douglas Macgregor, neither of whom is on the payroll of the military-industrial complex. Napolitano also holds discussions with esteemed academics like political scientist John Mearsheimer and economist Jeffrey Sachs.

It’s important to note that other members of Aaron Maté’s family have played crucial roles in the pursuit of truth. His father, Gabor, underwent profound disillusionment with the philosophy of Zionism after his first visit to Israel and Palestine. He vividly discusses this experience with his daughter Hannah in a powerful YouTube video, which provides valuable insights for those seeking a deeper understanding of the current situation in the region. Maté and his brother Daniel frequently appear on the Katie Halper Show, another excellent online resource.

We live in what many call the post-truth era, a time marred by the failure of mainstream media to serve its audience faithfully. Our mistrust of them is entirely justified. Nevertheless, the truth persists; we simply require direction to discern who upholds it and who does not. It is also important to remember that we can choose what media sources we support financially. We are no longer beholden to the mainstream news channels; instead, we can back the news sources we find most deserving of our trust.

While I have not provided an exhaustive list of trustworthy resources, it is my greatest hope that I have provided my readers with a useful roster of names and a solid starting point for their pursuit of truth in a world where it is in short supply.

The first step in building a more peaceful world is understanding what is actually happening.

Gerry Chidiac specializes in languages and genocide studies and works with at-risk students. He is the recipient of an award from the Vancouver Holocaust Education Centre for excellence in teaching about the Holocaust.

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